Peltor Bullseye Hearing Protectors 97007-00000

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Peltor Bullseye Hearing Protectors 97007-00000

Peltor Bullseye Hearing Protectors 97007 are quality hearing protection ear muffs that help reduce noise levels to a comfortable level. These Hearing Protectors by Peltor feature foam cushions and a low profile dome for a tight fit around the ears that will keep out unwanted noise. The Peltor Bulls-Eye Hearing Protector has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 decibels (dB), which decreases a noise level by 25dB. Peltor Hearing Protectors can be used from a number of applications such as construction, airports, car repair, shooting galleries, and more.

Specifications for Peltor Hearing Protection 97007:

Type:Hearing Protection Muffs
NRR:25 dB
Quantity:One Pair
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