Stanley Personal Protection AM/FM Radio Earmuffs

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Stanley Personal Protection AM/FM Radio Earmuffs

Stanley Personal Protection AM/FM Radio Earmuffs

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Stanley Personal Protection AM/FM Earmuffs RST-63005 not only protect your ears from too-loud sounds, they also give those ears something to do while you work. These Stanley ear muffs are equipped with a crystal clear AM/FM radio transmitter that is capable of picking up any radio station in the area. What's more, Stanley Personal Protection has included an audio input jack with an accompanying 3.5mm audio cable, so you can plug in your personal mp3 player or CD player to listen to your own tunes. The Stanley Personal Protection Radio Ear Muffs are also capable of guarding your hearing against common workplace hazards like jackhammers, backhoes, controlled explosions, and any other loud noises. The ear muffs have a noise reduction rating of 23, capable of blocking out all but the loudest sounds. The ear muffs are incredibly lightweight and adjustable with a simple quick-click system, and the muffs can last for up to 140 hours on nothing more than two common AA batteries. Keep your ears entertained and protected with the stereophonic sound of the Stanley Personal Protection AM/FM/MP3 Ear Muffs.

Specifications for Stanley Protection Radio Earphones:

Color: Yellow
Noise Reduction Rating: 23
Max Decibels: 82 db
Radio Band: AM and FM
Batteries: 2x AA (included)
Battery Life: 140 hours

Features of Stanley Personal Protection AM/FM Receiver Hearing Protection Muffs:

  • High quality hearing protection with integrated radio receiver by Stanley Personal Protection
  • Can receive AM and FM radio stations
  • Toggle switch switches between radio bands
  • Audio input jack and included 3.5mm audio cable allows use of portable audio devices like mp3 players and CD players
  • Radio volume doesn't exceed 82 db to preserve your hearing
  • Noise reduction rating of 23 when radio is turned off
  • Lightweight design
  • Quick-click height adjustment adapts ear muffs to all sizes
  • Easy maintenance and battery replacement
  • Can run for up to 140 hours on two (2) AA batteries (included)
  • Automatic shut-off after 4 hours preserves battery life
  • Yellow color

Package Contents:

  • Stanley AM/FM Earmuffs RST-63005
  • 3.5mm audio input cable
  • 2x AA batteries