Stanley Personal Protection QM24+ Earmuffs

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Stanley Personal Protection QM24+ Earmuffs

Stanley Personal Protection QM24+ Three-Position Ear Muffs RST-63010 are built to be worn all day with a maximum of comfort while still protecting your hearing from the extremely loud sounds that are a common occurrence in your workplace. These Stanley Personal Protection ear muffs are dielectric and capable of fitting almost any head size with a three-position, cushioned head band. Extremely light weight, the earmuffs weigh less than six ounces and utilize soft, soap-washable ear cushions that make it easy to wear the ear muffs for an extended period of time. Stanley Personal Protection QM-24 Plus Earmuffs utilize a dielectric construction to make them safe in electrical environments. Reasonably priced and highly effective, Stanley Personal Protection QM24 Plus Adjustable Ear Muffs are an excellent bargain for professional-grade hearing protection by Stanley Personal Protection.

Features of Stanley Personal Protection QM-24+ Lightweight Earmuffs:

  • Value-priced adjustable ear muffs by Stanley Personal Protection
  • Ultra-lightweight design; weighs less than 6 ounces
  • Three-position head band provides secure fit for any user
  • Adjustable crown strap
  • Can be worn with hard hats, face shields, goggles, respirators, and other protective gear
  • Dielectric construction ideal for electrical environments

Package Contents:

  • Stanley QM24+ Three-Position Ear Muffs RST-63010
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